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Volunia? An idea born eight years ago

Massimo Marchiori, the Venice mathematician who invented Hypersearch ("inspiring" Sergey Brin and Larry Page in the creation of the Google page rank) and that presented a few days ago version beta of Volunia, was working for some time at a third generation search engine.

In 2004, when I interviewed him, the question "He plans to devise a new search engine?", he replied:

The search engines of the future will dialogue with users and guides them through various stages in the research. Visions for a third-generation engine I've long since, although I actually prefer to keep them for me. The problem lies mainly in the resources: to demonstrate the goodness of a motor, then run it on a global scale, not only to publish the idea in an article. For example, Hypersearch is, in my opinion, superior to PageRank, but hardly anyone knows Hypersearch, for the simple reason that there is a search engine that shows the goodness of the idea on a large scale. The same Pagerank would remain merely a good academic article if it was not then in a genuine search engine with considerable effort. To compete with Google alone are not enough innovative ideas, tools and resources needed, and certainly, having a little of resources, would be a stimulating challenge.

Here is the full text of the interview with Massimo Marchiori, which read after eight years, has a certain effect for the extraordinary relevance of the predictions of mathematician, the man who has just received a "special thanks" from the two “Google brothers” in the document with which Google, in 2004, landed on Wall Street.