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The new version of Greek tragedy

Poor Greece, would be right to say. Today is another day of clashes in the streets. People do not want to endure a new austerity plan should be approved Sunday and going to new pay cuts and new taxes probably the widening downward spiral.

Measures additional to those already implemented in 2010 and 2011 and they are sending the local economy upside down at the speed of neutrinos. Just think that in October the unemployment rate was 14%. In January, after just three months, the unemployment rate in Greece has jumped to a record 20.9% with over 1 million people out of work. And to think that if the European authorities have taken the issue head on in a timely manner the cost of the rescue would have been lower. With a much more significant impact on the real economy.

The protests going crazy. The television showed pictures of young demonstrators, with their faces covered by hoods and helmets, intent on throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at police at Syntagma square, where the Parliament building.

The novelty is that one of the main unions in the Hellenic Police, the Poasy, in a letter made public has asked the authorities competent to issue orders for the arrest of Representatives in Greece of the Troika – the committee composed of members of the European Union, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank – which openly accuse of wanting to strangle the country through the draconian measures imposed on the Athens government to avoid default.

Athens is a new rescue plan. Another 130 billion after the 110 granted in 2010. Rescue plan that are granted in exchange for dramatic measures for the quality of life of local people. And also because they are imposed from the interests of those who impose them are oriented to be in Greece in the euro. Even reluctantly.

Let us remember that people of Athens would be very ready to return to the drachma, deleting the brackets euros. In November, the former Prime Minister George Papandreou had asked for a referendum on the level of aid. A sort of referendum on the will of the Greek people to stay or not in the euro. But that referendum, which so frightened the highest political authorities of the EU, there has never been. Meanwhile Papandreou was replaced by Papademos that at the time, seems to go better with the Troika than with the square. Who regrets the timing of the drachma

And do not forget that accounts for the entry of Greece were loaded euro. And it is this underlying event that triggered the new version of "Greek tragedy".