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Mortgages: Euribor forecast over the next 5 years

The Euribor, the rate for borrowers who are repaying family or plan to take out a loan at a variable rate is below 1% (to 0,864%) on the maturity of 1 month and 1, 24% on maturity 3 months. As this indicator will move in the next few years?

Every day on the London futures market (LIFFE) futures contracts are traded on the Euribor at 3 months. Contracts that are subject to strong fluctuations in time but in any case gives us an idea of what financial markets expect the economic performance, trust in the sector interbank (Euribor is just an interbank index).

Well, what is the scenario that is currently projected for the next five years? Looking at the crystal ball of future Euribor 3 months is expected to fall below 1% by March 2012 and remained below 1% until September 2013. Then it should start slowly upward until it reaches 2.31%. In any case, according to the latest projections, the Euribor should therefore quote below its historical average of 3% (calculated on a statistical basis for over 10 years of introduction of the single European currency).